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Austria Reward Marijuana as a Medicinal Plant

Controversy of marijuana as a narcotics forbidden until its use for treatment has been longstanding. Numerous studies have proven the benefits of such plants for treatments such as cancer, pain relievers and muscle relaxation.

A recent study of Herbal Medicinal Products Platform Austria (HMPPA) has finally selected marijuana as a medicinal plant in 2018. The scientific network in the field of herbal medicine selects marijuana based on various criteria of economic interest.

In fact, Austria will launch the first drug with active ingredient cannabidiol / CBD (one of the active substances contained in marijuana) by 2019. CBD is believed to help epilepsy and schizophrenia of children at an early age, including can be used in bone marrow transplant.

This intoxicating plant extract can also be purchased legally in Austria, as long as its use is for medical purposes. Not only Austria, a number of countries, namely Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and 20 US states can use marijuana or active substances contained therein (THC and CBD ) for medicinal purposes.

While America has been using marijuana since the 1990s Click Here for treatment against spasticity (muscle disorders) and multiple sclerosis (related nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord). Marijuana Doctors in Lakeland Florida

“A study by the University of Bonn and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has proven that small amounts of THC can slow down the brain aging process,” it was quoted as saying on page dw, …

How to Overcome Sweatpick on Baby, Effective and Safe


A sweatpick  is a problem in the skin that often attacks the baby’s skin. This can cause discomfort and fuss, and of course make the father of the mother becomes worried. many ways how to cope with prickly heat in newborns may have been tried, but is that the right way?

Before we try to overcome the prickly heat, it is very important to know the characteristics, the symptoms, and the causes. so that we do the right and can eliminate prickly heat without any recurrence. We also have to be careful because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, then the safety of the use of drugs prickly babies should be considered carefully.

Definition of miliaria

A sweatpick in medical terms is called Miliaria. In fact this does not only happen to babies but also can occur in adults. However, because baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults, it is more common in infants. Miliaria occurs when the pores of the skin (sweat ducts) are blocked, so that the sweat trapped under the skin as a result arises inflammation. Symptoms and signs ranging from a shallow rash to the inside and red, and itchy rashes. Prickly heat can usually heal by itself. But in severe cases it often requires medical treatment. As for the first aid we can overcome prickly heat in the baby by making the skin cool and cool and prevent sweating.

Three forms of prickly heat,

  1. Miliaria Kristalina

Occurs in the uppermost (superficial) skin layers, characterized …

Tea’s unique facts

Tea’s unique facts

The tradition of drinking tea has existed for centuries in almost every part of the world. Each country has its own traditions, even some countries consider the tradition of drinking original tea as a special dinner for the nobles. Apart from the different types, how to enjoy the original tea was different.

As we know, tea is a good source of caffeine and natural antioxidants for the body. With a lower content of caffeine than coffee, you will be able to enjoy tea with a bit of bitter taste, without excessive caffeine consumption.

Tea is a natural source of antioxidants

In England for example, the tradition of drinking tea has existed since the 18th century. The tradition of drinking tea is dilakoni by the noble family at an afternoon tea party. In China, drinking tea became a ritual since the 15th century, making this tea ceremony as the oldest culture ever.

In Indonesia itself, the tradition of drinking tea is mostly done by people in Java. Cultivation of tea began to spread among the people of Indonesia since the 1700s, when the Dutch Government. Initially the tea is only enjoyed by the nobility, but over time, tea became the favorite drink of all people of Indonesia.

Tea time is a place to warm the atmosphere, both at home with family and during formal banquets. Drinking tea accompanied by some snacks as a snack is the hallmark of Indonesian families to get closer to each other and more …

Safe Haven Asset

Safe Haven Asset

In the investment world, Safe Haven assets are assets that are known to be unrelated or have a negative relationship with assets or other investment portfolios when there is chaos or uncertainty in the financial markets. Therefore, assets belonging to Safe Haven assets are considered to protect investors from the financial crisis. Safe Haven’s asset value is expected to survive and even increase when market conditions experience shock or when other investment assets decline.

Are Gold Classified as Safe Haven?

The precious metal of gold has been trusted by most market participants as a Safe Haven asset. Unlike money or other assets, this gold does not risk losing its value amid financial or political uncertainty. In fact, gold in your investment portfolio can help to reduce losses when the stock market collapses. Some analysts also advise investors to buy gold precious metals when other investment returns are negative.

Therefore, given that gold has a reputation as a Safe Haven asset, people in droves are rapidly turning to gold assets in line with the occurrence of price volatility in unfair financial markets. A study has proved that the assessment of precious metals gold as a Safe Haven asset is true.

Research About Gold As Safe Haven Asset

Two Irish researchers, Sile Li and Brian Lucey, have just published a scientific article about the role studies of precious metals as a Safe Haven asset. They found the role of gold precious metals as a Safe Haven asset in many …

World Oil Prices Down On Opec Concerns About OPEC Supply

World oil prices fell as market participants cautiously made purchases after US crude supplies rose near $ 50 a barrel, with fears of high crude supplies from oil producers joined in OPEC offsetting previous day data showing demand for gasoline US.

As quoted from Reuters on Friday (04/08/2017), Brent oil prices fell 35% per barrel to the level of USD52.01 per barrel. Meanwhile, US oil prices, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell 56 cents to USD49, 03 per barrel, US oil prices traded at a session high of USD49, 96 per barrel.

OPEC crude oil exports rose to record highs in July, partly boosted by surging exports from members of the African group, according to a report by Thomson Reuters Oil Research.

US crude remained below $ 50 a barrel, capped by strong domestic supplies. “The market needs signs of continuing improvement in oil inventory figures to really raise prices higher,” said Gene McGillian, director of market research at Tradition Energy in Stamford, Connecticut.

Strong demand in the United States has supported prices. The US Energy Information Administration reported gasoline demand reached a record 9.84 million barrels per day (bpd) last week and a decline in commercial crude oil inventories by 1.5 million barrels to 481.9 million barrels.

Market participants say that high production by the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries limits price increases. OPEC and other manufacturers including Russia have pledged to limit production by 1.8 million bpd by the end of March 2018 to help support prices and attract …