How to Overcome Sweatpick on Baby, Effective and Safe


A sweatpick  is a problem in the skin that often attacks the baby’s skin. This can cause discomfort and fuss, and of course make the father of the mother becomes worried. many ways how to cope with prickly heat in newborns may have been tried, but is that the right way?

Before we try to overcome the prickly heat, it is very important to know the characteristics, the symptoms, and the causes. so that we do the right and can eliminate prickly heat without any recurrence. We also have to be careful because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, then the safety of the use of drugs prickly babies should be considered carefully.

Definition of miliaria

A sweatpick in medical terms is called Miliaria. In fact this does not only happen to babies but also can occur in adults. However, because baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults, it is more common in infants. Miliaria occurs when the pores of the skin (sweat ducts) are blocked, so that the sweat trapped under the skin as a result arises inflammation. Symptoms and signs ranging from a shallow rash to the inside and red, and itchy rashes. Prickly heat can usually heal by itself. But in severe cases it often requires medical treatment. As for the first aid we can overcome prickly heat in the baby by making the skin cool and cool and prevent sweating.

Three forms of prickly heat,

  1. Miliaria Kristalina

Occurs in the uppermost (superficial) skin layers, characterized by a small, watery bouncy shine that appears to be shiny within itself within 1 to 2 days of its appearance. This  sweatpick usually does not cause itching and is not reddish.

  1. Miliaria Rubra

Occurs in the middle layer skin. In accordance with the name rubra (red), the skin appears reddish, itchy, bouncy, watery, and sore.

  1. Miliaria Profunda

In accordance with the name profunda (in / below) occurs in the lower skin layer. Characterized by white, hard, 1 to 1 millimeter hard, no itchy and usually occurs in adults.

The Cause of Miliaria

 Here are some of the causes of prickly heat in the baby:

  1. The sweat channels are immature.
  2. Sweat ducts in newborns are not fully mature.

So sweat will often get stuck under the skin because it does not smooth out. Such sweatballs in infants may appear in the first week of life, especially if the infant is in an incubator, dressed too warmly or with fever. Tropical climate . Wet and hot weather can cause prickly heat. Overheating can occur when the baby is dressed too thick.

Treatment of miliaria

To overcome the prickly heat of the baby in addition to seeing a doctor if necessary, there is also a simple way that can be done at home.

Here’s how to deal with prickly babies in an effective and safe baby:

  1. When the weather is hot, wear loose and thin clothes with a material that can absorb sweat.
  2. Create a cool room with adequate ventilation or if not possible to use air conditioning.
  3. Use a powder containing calamine or a cold compress to relieve itching and irritation of the skin.
  4. Avoid using creams and ointments that contain oil or mineral oil, which can close the pores further.