The One Major Difference between Rolex and Tudor

Many people don’t know watchmakers have more than one brand name watch on the market. Rolex is one example. The Rolex watchmakers also make another luxury watch called Tudor. A Tudor may look and feel like a Rolex, but it doesn’t have the Rolex logo. It’s considered the “little sibling” of the Rolex watch. However, there are some differences between a Rolex and Tudor. Thus, considering one of the Tudor watches for sale a good option.

Movement is the Major Difference between a Tudor and Rolex

A person may think they are getting a Rolex watch when they purchase a Tudor. Both watches have a similar design and case materials. The major difference is the movement. Movement is how the watches operated such as battery and/or winding the watch to keep the time. Rolex has its own movement. This means it created the way the Rolex watch keeps time. The Tudor movement is made with Valjoux or ETA movement.

Price Points Differ with a Tudor and Rolex

Tudors have the same crystal and bracelet design as its “big sibling” Rolex. However, the watch is a go-to watch for many government entities and sportsman. Tudor watches have a more affordable price point than Rolex watches. That doesn’t mean a Tudor watch is cheap or constructed with less quality. It means that one of the best, most popular watches traditionally cost less than a Rolex watch.

Yes, there are Differences between Materials and Styles of Rolex and Tudor

A lot has been mentioned about the materials and styles of both Tudor and Rolex watches. A Rolex model is focused on the evolution of a watch design and not the revolution of watch design. The models featured in the Tudor watches are really different than the traditional Rolex line. Tudor watchmakers experiment with materials and styles than its Rolex counterparts.

For instance, Tudor materials include titanium cases and cloth straps. Vibrant colors aren’t commonplace with Rolex watches. These things are the difference between the designs featured in both watches.

Another difference is the logos for each watch. The early Tudor logo was a Tudor roses emblem. The logo was changed to a shield during the 1960s.

Tudor Watches are Becoming More Popular than Rolex

Person watch taste will always determine whether a person will purchase a Tudor or Rolex watch. Tudor watches are gaining in popular on the Rolex watch counterparts. Tudor watches are well-made at a reasonable price. In fact, Tudor watches are becoming collector items because of their designs and great styles.

Buying Tudor Watch is an Exceptional Option

Many watchmakers have two models with differing price points. Rolex and Tudor have a similar structure. Tudor watches have the same design, dials, bracelets and designs. Remember, there are differences too. One difference is the movement isn’t an in-house Rolex movement. Tudor may have the look and feel of a Rolex, but it is not. It’s a popular option with a large loyal customer based. When buying a Tudor watch, enjoy the luxury and beautiful design.

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